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Custom Printed Craft Paper and Shopping Bags
Capture Attention with Your Brand Packaging

We at Jan Star Supplies, understand the value of branding and the significance of presentation in the restaurant industry. That’s why we are proud to offer bespoke printing solutions for a myriad of paper and plastic bags tailored specifically for restaurants. Whether you’re serving gourmet takeaways, packing delightful desserts, or providing patrons with leftovers, our custom bags ensure your brand’s logo and message shine through. Crafted with care and designed for impact, our bags are not just containers; they’re a statement of your restaurant’s commitment to quality.

Custom Printed Craft Paper Bags

  • Takeout Bags: Typically larger, used for packing takeaway meals or larger food orders.
  • Bread Bags: Specifically for breads and other baked goods to ensure freshness.
  • Pastry Bags: Smaller bags intended for pastries, muffins, or other baked items.
  • Deli Bags: For sandwiches, cold cuts, and other deli counter items.
  • Coffee Bags: Used by cafes to sell whole or ground beans to customers.
  • Silverware Bags: Ensures cutlery remains clean and hygienic for takeout or delivery.
custom printing craft paper bags

Custom Printed Craft Paper Bags

  • Takeout Bags with and Without Handles: Convenient for customers to carry takeout or delivery orders.
  • T-shirt Bags: Named for their T-shirt like shape, commonly used for takeout.
  • Die Cut Handle Bags: Plastic bags with a cut-out handle, offering a more upscale presentation.
  • Foil Bags: Plastic-lined bags designed to keep hot food warm, often used for grilled sandwiches or baked potatoes.
custom printed shopping bags
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